dub gnostic : dubgnosis


The “dubgnosis” series has been a platform for dubstep and dub-techno/dubstep hybrid exploration since December 2008, with the latest installation in the series (v.5) in August 2012.


  dubgnosis v.5 (August 2012)


Description: image001.jpg   dubgnosis v.4  (December 2010)



Description: image003.jpg    dubgnosis v.3  (March 2010)



Description: image005.jpg  dubgnosis v.2  (August 2009)



Description: image007.jpg  dubgnosis v.1  (January 2009)





Tracklistings for the dubgnosis series are available on MySpace and Facebook.

See also the studio work in the dubstep genre in dub gnostic’s soundcloud,

some of which is woven into these mixes.


There is also a DJ mix from Dubforms 13, which was released as

“Lion’s Gate Dubs, Volume 1”             


Description: image009.jpg