Volume 1 (2008)

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These selections demonstrate the diversity of music presented on Rhizomes Radio.

In keeping with the ethos of "Live to Air", not all Rhizomes Radio shows are archived.  

2009 Guest Radio Appearance on Pacific Front Radio


Festival Promo Shows:

Diversity Festival 2008 Artist Sampling

Detroit Electronic Music Festival    

Mutek Festival  



Canadian Content Requirement Met in 6 Minutes

CRTC legislation provides that 35% of radio show content must qualify for Canadian Content.  Although Rhizomes Radio is committed to promoting the domestically neglected Canadians who have found much success abroad (ie. Cobblestone Jazz, Mathew Jonson, The Mole, Jeff Milligan, Mike Shannon, Pan/Tone, Noah Pred, Adam Marshall, Jeremy P Caulfield, etc), periodically there are shows that focus on international artists.  The 35% qualification is counted by the number of tracks played, and not by the amount of time committed to Canadian artists.  The "Canadian Content Requirement Met in 6 Minutes" is a 4 turntable mix of 7 Canadian Content qualified tracks in 6 minutes.

Tracklisting:  Rainfield - Wiggles EP - Machine Funk Wiggles
Mike Shannon - DE9: Parts - Slacker Jack 
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Parts - Freek
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Parts - Concept Loop: u2
G-Man - El Jem - El Jem (Original Mix)
Plastikman - Kricket
Nitin and Matthew Butterworth - Bug Girl Sound Unreleased Promo – Untitled