“The Psychedelic Years”



My  music  has  always had  a  psychedelic or surrealist  bent  to  it, but

from  1992   to  1997  I  embraced  a  more  overt  politicized  expression

of the consciousness culture  that has woven  through  the counter-cultures

since  the  Beatniks.  While  living  at  the Sooke  Potholes on  Vancouver

Island (1997), Tobias c. van Veen and I thought of  making a  video similar

to Pink Floyd’s  “Live  at  Pompeii”, using  the abandoned  lodge structure

there as a “ruin” of sorts.  We  reflected  upon  the  juncture  in history

of  “rave  culture” and  how  we  were  in a  similar  space that Mason and

Gilmour speak of  in that film.  We  were part of a psychedelic underground

but no  longer  wanted  to have  our  identities limited  by that movement.

Ultimately my aim was to promote a sense of always pushing boundaries, that

altered-states experimentation  was  one of  many  possibilities to explore

but it was never an end or lifestyle in and of itself.     – Victoria, 2009




Unless noted, these mixes were all made as retrospectives in 1998.

The tracks used were mostly from the 1993-1996 period,

although some newer material is used to bridge.



Elder – Psychedelic techno, trance




Growth –  psychedelic tribal techno

PART ONE  PART TWO (feat Terrence McKenna)



Hurdy Gurdy Ram Dass (1996) – progressive trance



Ambient Set (1996) – featuring Dr. Stanislav Grof



Ambient Set (1994) – featuring Dr. Timothy Leary




Other Counter-Cultural Treats…


Timothy Leary’sHow to Operate Your Brain

I  was  in  touch  with  Leary  from  1994  to  1996  via  Genesis P-Orridge  and

The  University   of   Toronto’s  (Marshall)  McLuhan  Program.    This  film  was

premiered at the McLaughlin Planetarium on May 20, 1995 at an event I co-produced.


Robert Anton Wilson – Victoria, August 2001



Terrence McKenna – Austin TX, 1996

In autumn 1996 I worked at the Whole Life Expo, where I met

Terrence McKenna.  We shared a sporatic email correspondence

for almost a year afterwards.  He was an entertaining orator

with a good sense of humour about how he marketed himself.


Hakim Bey – “Temporary Autonomous Zone”

spoken word recordings:



Amour Fou

Poetic Terrorism

The Tong

Boycott Cop Culture



The Church of the SubgeniusMedia Barrage


Genesis P-Orridge / Temple Ov Psychick Youth


A world of sleeping people?

At Stockholm – Excerpt 1

At Stockholm – Excerpt 2

At Stockholm – Excerpt 3

TOPY Message 1

TOPY Message 2




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